3 Blind Mice Restaurant was incorporated in 2003 in Malaysia.
The company was established to high quality processed food and beverage trading, fruits and traditional food style.
In our expansion efforts, the Leadership/Management decided to explore a new market and business developments across the globe.
The company’s processing facility is now repositioned to Malaysia, and Create 3 Bags Full Concept , having the most unique and liked foods in Asia. It's a Fusion MIxed Western Specialty Designed for Malaysian Taste.


3 Bags Full

Coffee is our passion, food is our expertise.
We aim to sell what we believe is among the best coffee you can find and continuously source, import, roast the best and freshest beans. Our aim and mission is to maintain a good relationship with producers and travel to secure exceptional coffee.
Being a seasonal product, coffee is constantly changing throughout the year which means our offering will differ over the seasons. We are careful to roast each new coffee to bring out the best and tastiest characteristics and will be one of the few roasteries to cup what we roast on a daily basis.
Working closely with the extended Seeds family, we are providing our coffee with top quality food and outstanding service.
Behind our passion, We would like to bring you the freshest products and a wild variety of dishes from our very hardworking and talented kitchen maestros. In fact, food is our exquisite creation and zeal to reach your heart.
We do hope you enjoy our scrumptious, tantalising and tasty dishes in a nice and relaxing atmosphere for a wonderful dining experience. In keeping our customers satisfied, We welcome your encouraging comments in order to provide you the best service.
Dine with us for a memorable experience with your loved ones.
Our food is catered for consumers who priorities healthy home-made recipe in their family dietary needs.
We welcome you to dine in with your family and friends. Our restaurant is managed by New Taste Experience Leadership/Management, an experienced provider of quality service and food.

At New Taste Experience, we are committed to providing our consumers with high-quality, high-value branded products that are flavorful, nutritious and convenient. Guided by ‘Our Way-our internal principal’s platform’-we strive to set industry standards for product quality, work environment and community engagement.
Relevant and quality learning standards and qualifications are available in this sector; A high quality of learning provision is maintained in this sector, and. Access to knowledge and skills is improved for all in the sector.
To be the most successful food and beverage company in Malaysia, commanding a position of sustainable market leadership and driven by strong mastermind leader and superior human capital. To have sufficient and appropriate knowledge and skills available on the food and beverage manufacturing sector in order to contribute to: To growth and development within the sector; To make a safe, healthy, productive and competitive industry;